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My name is Marian Miller, and I’m passionate about helping other people attain their dreams. You’ve written a book? I can create a video trailer that will demonstrate to your readers why they have to read it. In fact, I’m a walking press release for you! But ask me to promote myself and the business I’m passionate about … and I’m at a loss for words. So I’ve asked my BFF, writer and wordsmith Sandie Bricker, to do it for me.  

I’ve known Marian since I wore short skirts. She is creative, dedicated and talented in all things graphic. She holds a degree in Interactive Media with a minor in Graphic Design, and she is continuing her education studying Motion and Visual Effects.  

Marian worked in Corporate America for 10+ years creating PowerPoint presentations and designing marketing materials. She currently devotes her considerable talents to her church as a member of the Live Video team by switching/directing and operating two computers for worship services that include video presentations, live music and a live stream from the main CedarCreek campus. Her ability to think quickly on her feet is imperative to her contributions to this medium.  

A bit of a Renaissance Woman, Marian is well traveled – from Italy to Belgium to Mexico to Canada; she is well read – from The Bible to Who Moved My Cheese, and everything in between; she is funny, interesting, thoughtful and – most importantly – she is a devoted Christian woman who connects with God each and every day.  

After the death of her husband of 25 years, Marian prayerfully sought guidance on the next phase of her life. That’s when Marian Creates was born. Her marketing savvy and love of the written word, combined with an enviable attention to detail and creative, out-of-the-box thinking, adds up to a perfect connection for anyone looking for an innovative marketing partnership.  

Sandra D. Bricker  is an award-winning, best-selling author of laugh-out-loud romantic comedy for the inspirational market.

Marian Miller

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